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Daniel & Connie Rice are the “Real Deal”… alive in the Spirit… full of creativity, joy, and the Father’s Heart. I am blessed to call them friends! It was a privilege to serve with them when I was Rector of St. Luke’s, Seattle.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a C.S. Lewis presentation during high tea with Connie Rice. Her knowledge of Lewis is unsurpassed. She was engaging and enthusiastic. What she shares is directly relatable to us all today.

It was awesome to see my kids excited about the experience of music, art and movement as parts of a worship service.

Dan & Connie Rice inspire me to envision my life as an artful expression.

Dan & Connie get it. They get the culture we live in and are called to. Their ability to point to Jesus via the arts is magnetic and compelling. Highly recommended!

Dan’s art is unique: deep, rich, imaginative, radiant, modern - real skill.

I have known Daniel Rice for over 40 years and throughout that time he has always been very conscious of the power of the arts in the lives of those serving the Lord - and the effect they can have on those who are interested in discovering more of God.

Looking for a special program for your church? This couple will bless you with their artistic talents which give glory to God! Check them out!

Dan and Connie led our teen ministry in creating an epic "Friendship Mural", resulting in our teens bonding through their own creative expressions. CAM is doing great work!

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