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Funding Ideas For Your Event

Love the idea of live art but don't have it in the budget?
Here are some ideas for you to consider that have been used by our clients.

Single Donor
Underwrites the experience

Most churches and non-profits have donors who often enjoy going above and beyond to support special experiences. Offering them the opportunity to underwrite or host this experience for the entire organization is a popular approach.

Dove - Painting by Dan Rice
Dan Rice - Live Painting

With a "Cap"

Every Pastor knows the feeling of asking the audience to donate directly for an event then wondering, "Just how much did our members give?" We recommend you consider asking for donations to CAM through your organization and set a maximum "cap." If the amount is above the need, we support redirection of the extra funds or perhaps setting it aside for a future artistic experience.

Combined Meetings

Combining resources with other other churches, ministries, or organizations for a broader community gathering.

Dan Rice Painting - Poppies in Progress
Dan Rice Painting - I will Pour Out My Spirit


Finished paintings could be auctioned after the event. This could include a photo of the winner of the auction with the artist and speaker.

Art opens doors to our current culture
and new access to hearts that seem unreachable.

Dan Rice

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